Simple Postflop

Calculation of GTO strategies from preflop

Simple Postflop is now able to calculate preflop GTO strategy on demand.

The calculations are performed without abstractions, using exhaustive preflop to river tree with every possible runout. Preflop trees use RAM on the scale of tens to hundreds TB which is beyond any PC’s capability, hence the calculations can only be carried out by cloud service.

The postflop trees are initialized using bet sizings. Every preflop exit point can be assigned a unique bet sizing value for one or both players. Preflop tree is constructed manually by clicking on nodes and adding paths.

To be able to submit a calculation request you must be a registered Simple Postflop user and have enough Preflop Points (a preflop calculation currency) on your account.

You can buy Preflop Points on the sales page. Preflop Points must be activated using preflop window in Cloud -> Preflop Licenses menu.

Completed calculations are stored on the cloud and can be downloaded at any given time using Cloud -> Preflop Situations menu:

The average time of calculation of one tree takes ~5 hours. Calculations are started manually by us and at the same time can be calculated only one tree. You could get ETA of tree calculation in the Skype  RomanZborovsky