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System requirements for Cloud version:

  • OS Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.
  • Recommended to have screen resolution height more than 900px.
  • Access to the Internet.

System requirements for Desktop version:

  • OS Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.
  • Recommended to have screen resolution height more than 900px.
  • Access to the Internet during the activation;
  • 8GB RAM, Intel Core i7 (Contact Us if you have another configuration)


Simple Postflop v1.05 
  • Calculation using ICM. Possible to paste stacks from PokerStars hand history
  • Opportunity to share calculated results to GTO Range Builder (File->Share). Functionality is incompetible with solutions from previous SPF versions
  • Colors customization for all cards matrix views. You could edit color by left-click on the color square. To return to the default color you should right-click on the color square
  • Quick information view for cards combination in the matrix. Just right-click on the cell
  • Possible to remove actions Check, Call and Fold during tree editioning
  • Small changes: some labels were replaced, improvement of bet editioning functionality, saving of view settings after exit, feauture to off Auto-login option
Simple Postflop v1.04 
  • Raise editor and feature to switch off donkbet in the bet sizing menu
  • Equity view of the calculated results and equity value for every hand
  • Editing ranges using combos
  • Abs % presenting of the graphical table results
  • Very high accuracy in Standalone version for tight ranges river calculation
Simple Postflop v1.03 
  • Feature to make varity of roundings for calculated strategies up to pure strategies. There are also included exploitabilities for each rounded result
  • In the Jobs menu appeared features to move, to rename and to delete tree which was prepared for calculation
  • In case of lack of RAM for the tree calculation, a notification window appears which shows the required RAM size for calculation
Simple Postflop v1.02 
  • Ability to view folders with solutions through a special Explorer
  • Ability to create a queue of calculations
  • We have significantly increased performance of Simple Postflop Engine without affecting on the calculation quality. The calculation in new version is performed 2-4 times faster depending on the parameters of configured situation
Simple Postflop v1.01 
  • Standalone version of Simple Postflop
  • Save and Open feature of calculated results
Simple Postflop v1.0 
  • Cloud version of Simple Postflop
  • Full calculation of GTO strategies without usage of any abstractions
  • It calculates Optimal Strategy and EV value of every hand in the player's cards range for the whole tree of strategies
  • Flexible generation of strategy tree according to the players bet-sizings
  • Supports two bet-sizing strategies for one player from one action point
  • Possible to save bet-sizing strategies, card ranges, strategy tree
  • Card ranges are competible with CREV
  • During Flop calculation results are updating every 5 minutes
  • Calculated Flops are saving and then available from the interface at any time
  • Possible to lock player's strategies and use Simple Postflop as a calculator for hands EV